Meet the Team: Anna, our Architectural Visualiser

At Lane Architects we’re a close-knit team, each with our own areas of specialism. To help you understand the way we work, we’ve put together a series of ‘meet the team’ Q&As. First up, meet Anna, our Architectural Visualiser.

What does your role at Lane Architects involve? 

It is hard to take a black and white plan drawing and imagine what your project will be like when it is completed. My role is to visualise an architect’s ideas and communicate them to the client. I do this by creating a 3D computer model of the site and any existing buildings and go on to show the different proposed options. From the 3D model I generate 2D sketches and rendered images, or animated ‘walk throughs’ to further illustrate the proposed concept. This enables the client to see not only the position of doors and windows, but what the light would be like at different times of day, how big a space will feel when furnished, and to try out different materials virtually before making decisions.

What made you go into a career in architecture/interior design?

I have a rather eclectic background; my illustration career has always run alongside building and boat renovation projects and I have got great satisfaction from both. Creating Illustration for manufacturing involves coming up with a design solution that answers a client’s brief, and which is achievable within the constraints of the manufacturing process. But I find there are many similarities to this in building and renovation. You are using design to solve a problem in an imaginative way, whilst considering the constraints of the site and the materials.

To go on to combine my background in illustration and design with my experience in renovation, and to use it to inform my architectural visualisation seemed a logical step.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love projects, no matter how daunting the scale of the work. I can’t help but get excited about being involved in other people’s plans. Standing on a site and imagining how things will look when they are completed and then being able to share that picture with a client is a thrill.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone embarking on a building project what would that be?

I was given a piece of advice by a shipwright, he said “you can build it quickly; you can build it cheaply or you can build it well. Pick any two.” There are always three variables in any project, and it is a good idea before you begin to have really considered where you would be prepared to compromise if you must. Will it be the time it takes to complete your build? The quality of the finishes and materials, or the budget?

What are the values that drive you and your design work?

I love things to be simple and quite graphic. Colour and light have an enormous effect on my mood, so I always consider these things in a design. I have recently become interested in gardening so the interaction between the inside and outside is vital to me.

What do you love to do outside of work?

Being on a beach or in the sea is how I unwind. I enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, boat trips or hunting for cowrie shells on the beach, they are so hard to find it is like discovering treasure. Any activity to do with the sea and I am happy.

What is the best thing about living and working in Cornwall?

The environment here is so beautiful and varied. Within half an hour of where I live, I can be on the tree-lined shingle beaches of Helford crabbing with my kids, surfing on the north coast, or swimming at the family beaches around Falmouth. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Any Architecture or design books or podcasts to recommend?

I enjoyed reading Margaret Forster’s My Life in Houses and Local Architecture by Brian Mackay-Lyons.

A photo you love and why

This picture was taken on holiday in the Isles of Silly. It is just 3 hours away by boat and you could be in the Caribbean. It is my favourite place in the world, and I go there as often as I can.

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