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Lane Architects, Cornwall

Lane Architects believes in thoughtful, collaborative, site-driven and sustainable architecture that seeks to respect the surrounding geography and natural resources. We place a great deal of emphasis on future-proofing the builds we design. Our aim is to create timeless and life-enhancing spaces, and we are driven by the desire to work sustainably from start to completion.

Listening is one of our greatest assets as architects, and we value the personal touch. Throughout the build journey, we will also act as a trusted source of guidance and advice. We welcome questions and curiosity from our clients; it’s this ongoing dialogue that continually aids us to optimise our process and to grow and nurture our craft.

Our experience in working with the diverse and challenging characteristics of the Cornish landscape, and the unique sub-tropical climate, sets us apart as a collective. We will closely consider this alongside factors including the local materials available to us. Our process results in the materialisation of a setting which complements your lifestyle and the intended use of the space.

Wherever possible, we explore the opportunity of retaining and enhancing what a space has to offer. When this is not in the interests of sustainability or your vision for the site and space, any demolitions are followed up by using materials that respect circular economy principles.

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How we work

Each project will explore:

–  Improvement in internal space and natural light.

– Internal flow and better room connections

– Link with the inside and outside/ connection to the landscape.

–  Strategic windows to views.

–  Reduction in overall running costs.

–  Thermal performance upgrades of existing elements

–  Retaining value in existing material resources

–  Control of moisture in and around the property

–  Review of the ventilation strategy

–  Potential bolt-on renewables

–  Air and wind tightness

– Value for money improvements


Before embarking on a project we question it’s feasibility for long-term sustainability: be that the environmental impact of the way the property generates and uses energy, the building materials we use or the surroundings in which it sits in.

We are proud to be an eco-conscious organisation; building properties which are all recognised as low carbon efficient. We’ll consider energy-saving systems such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, ground and air source heat pumps and grey water recycling.


We also understand cost. We know it’s a big deal. If you are embarking on a self-build project then this is likely to be one of the biggest cost commitments of your life. It’s therefore important to get it right; to make the right decisions at the right time without compromising on quality and ultimately, what it is you set out to achieve.

We also know it can be stressful. Throughout the build journey, we pride ourselves on not only being able to deliver a client brief but being a trusted source of guidance and honest advice.

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If you’re starting to form a few ideas, have a burning question (check out our FAQs), or just need some advice about your next step, drop us a line on 07812 952275 or complete our contact form.

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