Tynwood, Swanpool in Falmouth

DESCRIPTION: Bungalow Extension and Renovation

LOCATION: Falmouth, Cornwall

BUILD STAGE: Stage 4, on-site

Project Details

Situated in a lovely wooded suburban plot near to Swanpool beach, Tynwood is an existing residential bungalow with lovely large windows and aspect. However, it was in need of extensive renovation and a better planned layout. The artist owners also wished to extend to the front and rear and to create internal volume and better light. The plot benefited from front and rear private gardens.

Concept Exploration

The client wanted to upgrade the bungalow in order to make better use of the front and rear garden views and to create more space with good all-day light and volume.

The main challenge was creating a form for the rear extension that gave good internal volume, but also successfully linked to the house. A double pitched roof shaped was settled on that created a good visual link to the existing roof. The use of rooflights on both pitches brought a lot of light into the interior.

Focussed Solutions

It was decided early on that the style of the extension would be finished in materials typical of the area. We looked at render for the walls and slate for the roof.  Strong contrasting colours were chosen for the new extension, with the flat render giving a modern finish.

In order to maximise light and create a more dramatic and larger entryway, we used insulation between the rafters and rooflights on both sides of the pitched roof, creating good light all day.

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