DESCRIPTION: Residential Extension

LOCATION: Feock, Cornwall

BUILD STAGE: Planning permission obtained

Project Details

The property is a mid-20th century, split level house. It is a good example of 1950’s modern design, with good spacial flow and generous windows with all aspect views. There had been some upgrades to the interior finishes and replacement windows with uPVC, but otherwise it is relatively unchanged. It would benefit from some thermal upgrades and a new heating system.

Entry level comprises an entry hall and garage. A half flight stair goes up from the hall to the three bedrooms. Up another half level to the living room and kitchen.

The proposed changes comprised an extension to the garage to create a larger living room terrace above and to create an additional storey with a master bedroom suite and a roof terrace to capture the estuary views

Concept Exploration

The client wanted a bigger garage and an additional bedroom. Any ideas to capture a view of the estuary were encouraged. The site challenges were extending above an existing structure and minimising overlooking to a neighbouring property.

The main obstacles to acquiring planning permission were proving that extending up with a new roof terrace did not result in any loss of amenity to any neighbours

The house is a unique design, not typical of the area, and the design of the extensions refer back to 50/60s modern domestic architecture which often included the use of colour in panels or render and large thin framed metal windows. The existing external walls of the house are simplified by the removal of the slate hanging and keeping the finishes white. New external colour, of grey green, and the windows in these areas are matching aluminium.

Illustration showing the proposed extra floor and balcony

Focussed Solutions

The aim was to maintain the good spacial flow and work with it, whilst creating a design with crisp modern details. Orientation and light was considered at each stage of the design.

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