Roseland Renovation and Extension

Project Name: Roseland Renovation and Extension

Description: Renovation and Extension


Location: Tregony, Roseland, Cornwall

Status: Tender

Project Details

The property sits in an elevated position in an extensive curtilage within the Roseland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The house itself is a small but well maintained bungalow, examples of which are common in the area.

There is currently no enclosed garage parking and the external parking area is some distance from the house. The access to and entry into the house is confusing.

The Proposal

The proposal is to renovate and extend the existing house to improve the layout and access. Most of the house is to be retained, with the converted garage proposed to be demolished and rebuilt. Also proposed is a new stone faced double garage. This is located near the house and proposed to be part buried in the existing slope to minimise impact and link in with the existing stone walling around the site.

illustration visualising how the rear of the completed proposed building might look.
illustration visualising how the completed proposed building might look.


The design keeps as much of the existing house as possible, cladding externally in insulated render and insulated cedar and cedar shingles to the roof finishes also. This gives a much more modern and crisp aesthetic.


Extensions to the East give a bigger living area, more suitable to the size of the domestic curtilage, and new sliding windows and new glass doors replacing windows, allow for direct access to the outside from most of the ground floor rooms. The main communal rooms have lovely large volumes with lots of light from large roof windows.

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