Project Name: Furzupland

Description: Extension


Location: Kenwyn, Truro

This project was to extend, both to the North and West, a large, detached house in extensive ground near Truro. The house itself is unique stone villa, built in the early 20th Century with unusual arched windows and brick buttresses, making it appear a little bit castle-like.

Concept Exploration

Although the house is large, the internal rooms are quite small by modern standards. The kitchen was very small and the existing staircase quite narrow. The owner wished to increase the footprint area and create a new, larger and lighter open plan kitchen, improve the stair and create a new, larger living room and home gym.

The main challenge was the external design of two large separate extensions to a unique stone house. The extensions needed to be visually aligned whilst not dominating the existing building.

The owner particularly wanted to reference the unusual window design. The final design used a roof and wall cladding tile seen on a small area of the existing house, to clad the whole of the new extensions. This did not overpower the main stone façade of the existing house. The arched window design is referenced in large, arched, two storey modern design windows which compliment, but are a modern version of the existing windows with less window bars.

Due to the house’s location, with no overlooking and in a large plot, the planning process went smoothly. The design was very much focused on complimenting the design of the existing house. However the choice of slate cladding is a locally sourced material and therefore in keeping.

Focussed Solutions

Better internal flow, betting internal light, an improved stair and a larger, lighter open plan kitchen.

Use of large windows and additional rooflights above the new stair helped to maximinse the internal light. Windows in the large rooms were located in all directions to give good all day light and views.

The client was very much involved in the design at all stages. We listened and responded to any client-lead design ideas and evolved a solution that they were happy with and met their wants and needs.

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