29 North Parade, Falmouth

Interior photo of sitting room with view through window

Project Details

DESCRIPTION: New Self-Build Replacement Dwelling
CLIENT: Andrea Lane – Personally designed, built and project managed self-build house.
BUILD COST: £150,000.00 (+ demolitions £10,000)
LOCATION: Falmouth, Cornwall
BUILD STAGE: Stage 5 (Completed 2019)

The Background

The existing mundic bungalow was purchased in 2016 with planning obtained later that year. After receiving funds via a self-build mortgage the project started on site in April 2017 and was completed in 18 months. The project was managed and overseen by the owners and the building was organised in packages of work (such as ground works and drainage, building envelope, windows, roof, internal boarding etc). Many elements were tendered out and undertaken by separate builders, however, a substantial amount of build work was also undertaken by the owners. Doing a build in this way does reply on some knowledge of the building process, otherwise using a main contractor is advisable.

North Parade House view from road
View of Bay window

Concept Exploration

The owners wanted a 3 to 4 bedroom family home that captured views of the estuary, with an open plan layout and lots of internal light. The use of green building solutions was preferred if possible, and the house had to be very thermally efficient. Build cost was a very important factor.

Although the site was a good size, there was an overall height difference from front to back of about 3 metres and the design had to consider this. Orientation was North South, so the North side had to obtain light via the use of roof windows. The creative use of rooflights contributed to the feeling of privacy as the neighbouring properties are quite close.

The design considered carefully the local Falmouth vernacular in use of render wall finishes and the front bay window design.

Focussed Solutions

We were looking to achieve good internal flow, within this split level design. We also wanted to maximise internal light and thermal efficiency throughout the property.

In order to do this, we designed large roof windows, bringing a lot of light into the interior. The main staircase open links the split levels in the house and minimises space given to circulation. Circualtion areas (corridors) are designed to give an additional use, such as bookshelves and seating/ perching areas.

View of clouds through roof light
photo of roofline with sky and clouds behind

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