Whatever stage you are at?
Whatever stage you’re at?

Be it design and conception or maybe you need some additional support part-way through a build,

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Virtual Reality Tours

3D modelling that will bring your project to life

Through innovative virtual reality technology, we can offer you a preview of your room or building as it would look on completion.  Walk through the door, experience light, space and surroundings as though you were standing with both feet right there in the room.

A 360 panoramic allows you to explore a space through a series of videos and still images, creating a virtual representation of reality. With the tours you can gain access to spaces which might be inaccessible, e.g. a roof top or external panoramic views from a top floor window.

How do I run a virtual tour?

You don’t need any fancy equipment to start a virtual tour – they can be run off a desktop, laptop, or smartphone – whichever you prefer.

There are three ways you can operate our tours.

Firstly, through a coloured static hotspot tour – this allows you to experience a space in 360 degrees from a fixed position through a series of static images. Click on the coloured hotspot and you will see different angles of the room each time you click.

Secondly, you will see left and right arrows on a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Navigate your computer curser or touch the arrows on the screen to move around the space.

Finally, you can navigate your curser to the middle of the screen, click and hold the mouse or touch pad then move in any direction to see the perspective of the room from that static point.

Thumbnail image from £D tour

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